I Thought You Should Know

Saying farewell to the man I once knew.

Saying hello to a man so foreign,

so absent.

I hate this man.

I want the man I once knew,

to come back to me.

I want that caring man who once thought I was gold,

but I know he doesn’t exist anymore.

Did he ever really exist?

Or was it a fallacy of my heart?

Wanting so much to be a part of something, I was born not to be.

I should thank you, because I still have my feet to stand on.

But you should know,

you had no right to lead me on and hurt me so,

to believe you gave a damn

and that my feelings mattered,

when to you, or with you,

I became sad and sadder.

I thought you should know.

Michelle Poet

January 11, 2001