Rosey Answers

The days are gloomy.

Events occur.

Panic sets in.

Fear begins.

As if life could not get any worse,

sadness, loneliness,

an empty purse.

One prayer,

three answers.

Three white roses with small green leaves.

Weeks have passed,

one by one.

More events come her way.

None more important than this young lady's birthday.

She wants nothing more than her dear dear mother,

who left for heaven to meet the young lady's brother.

As the sun set

the day grew cold.

Nothing came easy for the young alone.

She wished for her mom.

Her answer, a single rose.

Red high-lighted pink petals

that accentuated a beautiful bouquet,

disturbed only to ease the young lady's pain.

She needed her mom to protect her from the cold.

Her answers always given,

in a sweet scented rose.

Copyright - Michelle May, 2003