“Can I face you?”

He called today and said we need to talk.
Out of the clear blue, his call came.
Is it good or is it bad?
Am I going to be sad?

I don’t want to say it over the phone,
it will be better if I come to your home.

What is he going to say?
Are we over before it's begun?
Is there someone else?
Or am I too flawed?

Have I been too open,
not secretive enough?
Or is the talk about his stuff?

See, I don't know
and not sure if I want to.
There is always the fear,
that he'll say I don't love you.

It may be too soon to say those words,
but my feelings are now soring with the birds.
Anxious about the unknown.
Afraid of remainning all aone.

He'll be here soon.
I just hope by then,
my heart and mind will return from the moon.

Copyright September 1, 2000 -- Michelle Poet