Holding on to Faith and Love

The sun rises, but no one is home.
A cloud gently sits upon her soul.
Mommy! Mommy! She excites.
Where do I go when I'm all alone?

I'm here, honey.
Shining so bright.
Look up at the sky and pray with all your might.
I will gaurantee whatever happens,
you will be alright.

Mommy, I know, but it's not the same.
I need you so much, for I am in pain.
I love and lost you and now General too.
How do I save, what is being forced away?

Honey, I know you see your life as bleak.
Your love for General helps you not feel weak,
but you must move on, or you will sink.

But mom, I love him.
He's everything to me.
Why is that so hard for everyone see?
I am here today, because of his love.
He, like God, was sent from above.

Let me pray.
Oh Lord, my God,
watch over me.
Help me hold on to the love,
all of which you sent from above.
What ever it may be, it came from you.
Help me treasure it and not be blue.
Let it motivate me to go on,
so that I never fall short, and watch my life be gone.

Thank you.

Copyright - February 2000 - Michelle