"Flooding Love"

The day is warm and comfortable as I look out the window at the crisp blue sky.

Thereís only one wispy cloud that gives the sky character and texture.

I sit on my love seat with only a shirt to cover my body,

it stops at my hips,

having nothing to cover the rest of my newly washed body.

The market looks to crash,

I look forward to finding that special man that makes me climax.


the flood doors break.

I cover my face with a hand made pillow...

so not to rouse my neighbors.

For now my neighbors are at work, I am alone,

appreciating the silence.

the weather man says thereís no rain in sight,

but he is not between my legs.......

when I think of the man I havenít found yet.

the man of my dreams.

the father of my children.

The eternal fire to my body and soul.

Copyright - Michelle Poet July, 2002