“My Dog General”

He is a small 121 pound Rottweiler.

Mostly black, with mahogany markings.

Playful and puppyish and all but 4 years old.

I got him when he was 9 weeks old.

He is the man who loves me, like a heart of pure gold.

It was not always easy with training and all, but he was my friend,

my companion,

and boy, when we are together we have a ball.

I carried him in a backpack till he was 50 pounds,

and would buy him clothes and toys, what a spoiled hound.

We laugh and run in the park, having fun till way after dark.

Sleeping beside me, snoring and taking up most of the bed,

I know my little General, has been well fed.

He makes me so happy,

I have a purpose to get up in the morning,

but what will I do when he is gone,

a loss I will forever be longing... to get back.

He is everything to me.

Licking my tears, comforting my fears.

Jumping when I'm happy, saying let's be snappy.

Wanting to go out when I just want to lie about.

Keeping me on my toes when doors slam

and making sure that I never study and cram.

He reminds me to take it slow,

that I need to remember and enjoy the love he has to offer,

as I go.

Copyright -- Michelle -January, 2000