Growing Together Again

The storm is raging.
Loud and bright.
It began with a boy and a woman.
He, defending a helpless kid, the one the woman was trying to hurt.
“Leave her alone!!”
“Leave her alone!!” He screams.
Fists are flying, glass and plaster are breaking.
That only symbolized,
the fear of a child.
Do I even mean child,
or do I mean children.

Our nation is no longer a place for success.
We are killing our future.
No one to create it.
No one to work it.
Our children.
Our children.
Can you hear me?
Or are you, what is dead.
We create a child to stand alone.
No nurture,
just nature.
Survival of the fittest leaves no room for our kin.

Small fighters,
silent voices.
What about me.
I don't want to be alone.
Is anyone out there,
does anyone care.
Mommy, Daddy, are you alive?
Or am I doomed to survive,
or die.
Come back!
I'm here!
I need you!
My dear, I'm sorry, mommy and daddy are nowhere...........
to be found.

Come with me, there is a building that will keep you warm.
NO! NO! Because who will love me?
As they cry,
the hirees only ask....why?
There is food and shelter.

But there is no mommy,
no daddy,
nothing of mine.

“You have me,” the person proclaims.

For how long?
You won't stay.
“May I have a hug,” the child asks?

The person says, “I'm sorry I can't and goes away.”

“See! See!” cries the child.
I am alone again.

Adults don't want me,
but they expect you to grow,
to be the next generation,
the future,
Are we killing them in the womb,
or once they are born?
Who are we to advocate,
for a future so wary.
A species need to reproduce,
but we are the only species,
who expects our offspring to fend for themselves from the beginning.

It's time to love,
and let the individual die.
We must come together,
for the children,
and for us.
We will never live alone.
So we must learn again, how to love.
It's not just speaking it.
We must be it.

Survival of the world's life is not dictated by pain,
but by our loving friend.
Believe in your self, and your future will be near.
Believe in a stranger, a child will appear.

Good morning.
It's time to live.

copyright© Michelle - January 1999