My Heart Out of the Dark

The sun shines brightly

It's calmer when you are safe

As you sit idly by,

while other decide your fate

you or at least I,

want control over my life,

by when I have it,

I fumble!

I cry!

and I give it away!

I never thought I ask for very much,

I just want my basic needs met.

I want a home with the one I love.

My dog general.

If I keep getting sick,

I will never accomplish it.

I need to rise above my problems

and strive for what everyone wants.

A future.

To work for a dream,

you must first aspire for it

Whether it be a home,

a family,

or just peace of mind,

You must,

YOu must seek,

to find ...


Roam the street,

expressing your feelings

to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Calm down,

it's all right,

the dream,

the needs,

your wants,

are in sight.



I can't see!

I'm blind!

I'm blind!

I'm going out of my mind.


Think, you're here,

with me.

I will never,


let you fall behind.

I'm trying!

I'm Trying!

Help me, Please!

I can't do it alone,

I need someone.



Here are my needs,

I express.

Can you show me the fast, track bus?

I need to move on.

I need to be strong.

Guide my life,

my being,

my heart out of the dark.

Copyright: Michelle -January 2000