Letting in the Help

The nights of darkness drift through time, much like the light of your soul.
The day breaks and the sun fills the sky, wondering when do I settle down.
The sun has a direction she follows everyday.
She is consistent in her routine,
but for I only dream of that type of stability.
The bumps in my journey have sharp points like a needle,
but when I see the flow of the sun's day,
I know that my life will go the same.
I mean the sun, like I, is always there.
Whether I'm seen or hidden,
I will always be known to exist in your life.
I want to help, just let me near.
I am your guide to the man upstairs.
Follow me on a path, that may be rocky and I will give you happiness.
Today I am whole and breathing love.
Let me in your heart,
and you will succeed from your every start.

Copyright - Michelle - February 2000