He’s My Life

I want to be like him.
He is strong, courageous, riteous and just.
He has been with me my whole life.
He never gave up on me in difficult times,
even though there have been too many times,
that I have left him behind.

He is everything I want to be.
He is my guide when I can not see.
I have much work to do and he knows it’s true.

He thinks that ok, and says “For that, I love you.”
He says, “don’t give up I will hold your hand.
I will be your easal and act as your stand.
I know you too well, to leave you alone.
I have seen you happy and seen you mourn.
I will be with you till the end, as I was there when you were born.”

He is my father and my saviour.
He helps me change my bad thoughts and behavior.
I will strive to be like him.
I can’t wait to see him.
For now I am greatful,
to carry him around.

Michelle Poet
September 1, 2000