Jimmy’s Rainbow In The Sky

When Jimmy’s around, the rainbow shines of happiness.
When he leaves it is a reminder that he is forever present.
His moral guidance has lead my soul.
His loving support embraced my heart.
His ears were as open as the doorway to heaven, as they remain that way today.
His shoulders were like pails to my tears, exchanging my pain for a love of life.
A love which Jim had held so dear and shared fluently with everyone.

Even though his body has gone his supportive memory remains,
everlasting in my mind and heart.
I will forever remember all he has done for those close to him and those close to me.
It is just as important to remember,
that Jim is still able to help all of us.
All we need to do is ask.
I will miss his physical presence,
but I know he will forever stay with me, through the end.
His devotion is everlasting.
My blessings and prayers go out to all his family and friends.

Michelle Poet
February, 3, 1999