A Light Shining

The room was so dark, and the only one there,
was this girl,
so scared.
A light shining brightly through a window,
that opens the heart of her broken soul.
Why so gloomy? asks the light.
She replies, it's not alway shiney in my heart at night.
How can I help your heart my dear?
Well you could love me, and always be here.....
with me.
Fill my mind, when life begins to grind.
Fill my heart, when I see no clear start.
Fill my life, when you see I need your strength and might.
I need your guidance when my outlook is tough.
I need all your courage, when my mind feels bad stuff.
I want to be one with you,
so I never again, feel so blue.
I want to be like you.
And helpful.
Lead me along the road of light,
and I will always know, I have done right.

Copyright - February 2000 - Michelle