A Longing For Another Day

Time marches on and the void still grows.

Iím missing her,

Iím missing him.

He was strong, good looking and smart.

She was just like him.

Passed down from parent to child, a way of life.

Success is bread, their future is not.

I am here, but they are gone.

Iím missing them, more than anyone.

My heart is breaking in times like these.

It started with three, and ended with just me.

I forever long to have them back.

I want to love them, talk with them, see them in my eyes.

I even to want learn from them, should an argument arise.

They were [are] my family.

Not without chaos and not without love.

They were [are] my mother and brother,

who now watch me from above.

I love you both.

Michelle Poet

December 28, 2000