"The Man I Haven't Found"

In the early morning hours of a cool humid night,

I lay naked on my queen size bed.....


Resting on my left side, watching a late night movie,

the fan caresses the length of my body.

My long brown hair blows behind me,

as the celia like peach fuzz that covers the sensuous curves of my body, are messaged.

Back and forth the cool wind soothes my body.

My sweet smelling sweat frames my posture,

my bosom,

as I place a pillow between my legs.

Between my arms I hold a body pillow........

It separates my breasts from one another,

giving these extra extra large erogenous zones their own cushion,

I stroke the pillow that replaces the soul mate I have not yet found.

I dream of his strong gentle hands rubbing my shoulders

as he moves my hair with his mouth and nose, gently kissing my neck and nibbling my ear.

I try to resist the temptation of the early morning passion,

that would in no doubt blind my productivity in the day light to come.


the burning desire and the moisture of my soul, gives into his lust,

for what only I CAN GIVE.

All of a sudden, on his knees, he swoops me up in his arms and lays me softly on my back and then.........

With the strength of a tiger and the gentleness of a new born baby,

he breaks down the doors and rivers of my heaven.

Ooooooooooh my body shakes and shivers as I fall asleep on his sweaty chest of our love, holding me in his arms.

When out of the clear blue,


the television blares.

I realize it is the dawn of a new day and I never slept.

Still holding the pillow that replaces the man I havenít found.....


Copyright - Michelle Poet July, 2002