Pieces of a whole

It’s fragile with many pieces.
Unidentifiable, when it falls apart.
Each piece reflects a different part of my soul,
my being,
but always whole.

I may forget a piece every now and then.
Wondering why I feel apart of me is lost.
That piece......
when left behind,
always feels so painful,
like I’m going out of my mind.

The hardest thing about the missing piece,
is I’m not always sure what piece it was,
till it was gone.

How to know what I have in my heart.
Before I lose it,
and it becomes pieces and parts,
of a whole.

Don’t get me wrong.
I know who I am,
and I love and grow from what I have or had.
I just want the picture perfect,
without the puzzle piece’s lines.

No conflict,
No pain
No blue days
Just happiness,
and eternal love,

To be published in the International Library of Poetry's Anthology

Copyright: Michelle - June 2000