Reaching The Dream Of Love For Me

I met him in the fall, and that's just what I did.

I fell for him and never wanted to get up.....again.

His long white teeth greeted me,

happy with glee and glowing for miles.

Knowing he would take my heart and make me smile,

I said to him in a total blank.....What's with the..... tape?

His optimism, and playful touch and attitude,

brightens my day and makes me happy.

I just wish I could see him more often.

Protected by ethics only hinders my honesty,

That I think I'm in love with him, and want him to be with me.

He's younger than I, but I want to be close to him.

He, I want to believe,

is the man, Mr. Right, the one for me.

Flirting goes both ways evertime we meet,

because it's not often, I eagerly await,

for the next scheduled time when I sit in his seat.

Hoping the time we have in this capacity,

is over soon,

so I can show him the real me.

To be published in the International Library of Poetry's Anthology

Michelle Poet

September 16, 2000