ďRetire TenureĒ

Confused is what he is.

Clarity is not his strong suit.

Read the book, everythingís there!

Donít you do your homework?

I think you are wasting your time here.

I assigned a book for a reason,

so donít ask me,


Itís not there each student cries!!

Anyone have a book, Iíll show you where!

He points to a page with ambiguous words,


Itís there!

You just donít want to do the work.

While in the minds of many, he interprets the authorís work,

that has no true meaning.

What a total jerk.

This is no rare occurrence,

and happens with the chairís assurance.

But hush! Donít say a word!

Because department flaws

have your grades in their claws.

Michelle Poet

January 2, 2001