Self Talk

Sadness runs havoc.
And always asking yourself who will help me.
Feeling that you are old enough to do it all,
to only realize, emotionally you are not.
I'm an adult!
What's holding me back?
Why can't I meet my own needs Mack?
I didn't have it all growing up,
but I have an education,
a mind,
and a heart.
So why can't I do it and not fall apart?

Who says you can't?
Your mind?
Your heart?
Who says you will fall apart?
What ever happened to I CAN?
It is the root word.
just maybe,
you need to go back to the roots.
People, like trees, can only grow,
if they know,
where to begin.

I know!
I know!
The start is here,
but I'm scared and frightened with fear.
The uncertainty of what life,
the future,
even the present,
is scaring me so much that I feel left in the cold.
I trust the past.
I know what's there.
It's the here and now that is so painful and dear.

Get up!
It's time to go.
You will find what you need,
if only you get over your fear to succeed.
Be proud of what you have done and trust what you have.
Your education.
Your mind.
Your heart.
They got you this far.
And they will ALWAYS take you further than the start.
You must let them.
For you will never be alone,
when you understand that there is more than what defines, being on your own.

Copyright: Michelle January 2000