“Silenced on Easter No More”

That husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin and friend.


He lives, I die.

Speaking out about what he did,

only to be silenced by his, [my] family and friends.

She knew it happened, but still sleeps by his side.

She said to me that day my mother died,

her body yet cold,

“Now that your mother’s dead,

you can’t hold what your uncle did to you, over my head.”

“She”........ is my mother’s sister.

The enabler of my life’s memories of pain.



Reminders that I’ll never be as thin as she.

“THANK GOD!” I said.

I don’t want to be like her.

the root of my evil past, will NEVER be in me.

She contributes to a silent cycle,

one that continues each day she lives.

She lives with a perpetrator of hate, pain, and denial.

He, that man, admitted what he did in front of her.

She then said, “It’s time to take you home. Get your coat on!”


My soul and body captured,

but I will NEVER be silenced.

I WAS a victim,

and YOU DID IT!!!


One physical,

both emotional.

“IT”...... was sexual abuse.

Inspired by Richard Hoffman

Michelle Poet

November 3, 2000