“Just For Today”

(in memory of my mother)

How can there be a just for today,

if the inevitable, tomorrow, is this day away?

Today I am suffering.

Today, I am in pain.

Just for today, I have my mom,

because tomorrow,

she may be gone.

Just for today I have treatment,

but for my mom there is none.

Just for today, I have to go to work,

but for my mom, her work is done.

Just for today my home is near,

but for my mom, it is a matter of going there.

My heart today is bleeding in pain,

but for my mom, I will be happy when she is saved.

Just for today and everyday, I love you mom, and you will soon be with Jay.

For my mom, tomorrow has come, and now my healing has begun.

Although today I am still sad, but my mom suffers no longer, so I will be glad.

For today and everyday, you are now with Jay.

Side by side, you will forever be my guide.

Forever holding me,

loving me,

and leading me along,

you will always be my one and only, special mom.

This is what I need you to know,

as it is the most meaningful thing,

I have to say and show.

Copyright: Michelle December, 21 1999