“Troubled Together”

He’s old, she’s older,

both with a mind of conflict and anger.

They blame it on each other, and on society,

but they NEVER look at themselves.

Their minds so closed and narrow,

that change is the enemy.

Lives so content with anger,

that the only happiness present is when you agree,

with thoughts so poor and hurtful..

You know who these people are in the world.

They are never quiet or hard to see.

They are those closest to us,

but yet so far away.

Can these people ever let themselves closer to others?

Closer to me?

Closer to you?

Or are thy doomed to be, as how they see themselves,

society’s outcasts.

A dying breed.

A breed whom has not evolved from the ninetythirties.

Michelle Poet

August 19, 2000