Where Do I Go?

Where do I go, if there is no home?

What is a home?

A building, a house, a room, or a soul?

Should my home be safe,

or chaotic like thunderous winds, hitting a lake?

The water dispersing like overwhelming tears,

not the calm ripple that is present after a conquered fear.

I know too well what turmoil is like.

Very far away from the ease of riding a bike.

I want the calm water, with a beautiful bike riders scenery,

but today I would settle for a home for my pets and me.

Where do I go from here?

Who could help me get there?

There is no family nor many friends,

so how would I find my way without believing there is an end?

I have support don't get me wrong,

but I have little active help that will lead me along.....

a journey so complicated.

Where is this end I speak of?

Is it near,

or do I need to wait for when God takes me above?

Where do I go, when there is no home?

I can only pray, that I will find my way.

Help me, help me, help me.................... PLEASE!

Copyright - Michelle Poet 1999