”Who Is The “Me””



Striving to get out,

but fearing reality.

She may be alone.

She is now comforted by her life long sadness,

felt by the pounding ache of the heart’s wall.

She is alone, but held

Alive but dead.

She lives for three,

only one is living.

Dreams so vague, that her’s is unknown.

Living the lives of others is easiest.

They are known.

Picked up from the last day,

she lost herself.

She weeps for a child of her own,

fearing that she will only pass down the lives of her kin.

Her’s is unknown.

The body walks as an individual,

but functions for three.

Needing to be perfect,

as she carries the names of three.

The daughter.

he sister.

The self.

She was born to herself,

just as she has grown.

Alone and living for the perfect three,

she seeks to understand who is the “me”.


Michelle Poet

June 20, 2001